Samen sterk voor nabestaanden MH17, Antoinette Collignon in het Advocatenblad

Working together for the relatives of the MH17 victims, Antoinette Collignon in Advocatenblad (Lawyer Magazine)

This week saw the start of the substantive hearing of the MH17 criminal proceedings. Legaltree-partner Antoinette Collignon, who specializes in cross-border liability and personal injury cases, is one of the members of the MH17 Legal Assistance Team, which is made up of eight personal injury and criminal defence lawyers from various law firms. The team provides legal assistance to the relatives of the victims. In the Dutch article “Samen sterk voor nabestaanden MH17” in het Advocatenblad” (“Working together for the relatives of the MH17 victims”) published in Advocatenblad, three colleagues explain how they operate together in this emotionally charged case.

We wish the victims’ relatives and all others who are in any way involved in this matter all the strength they will need in these difficult times and hope that the truth will be established and that justice will be served on those responsible for this disaster.

Photo: Feike Faase, Advocatenblad
Marjolein Driessen

Marjolein Driessen recommended by World Trademark Review

A great accomplishment and compliment from peers and clients!

We are delighted and proud that Marjolein Driessen, one of our IP-partners, has been recommended by World Trademark Review in the WTR1000:

“trademark attorney and dispute resolution whizz Marjolein Driessen is a favourite of artists and designers, who appreciate her dedication and passion for their industry”.

Food law specialist Irene Verheijen appointed as the first Dutch president of EFLA

Legaltree lawyer Irene Verheijen appointed as the new president of the European Food Law Association (EFLA) in Brussels. On 1 October she was chosen as chair by the members for the coming two years.

EFLA helps food law specialists keep a close eye on all the developments within their area of expertise. According to Irene Verheijen: ‘The food industry is legally complex, not only because it is one of the most regulated sectors in the European Union, but also because technological developments are taking place at breakneck speed. We are regularly faced with new or amended legislative texts.’

Irene is pleased and filled with pride that in her capacity as president of EFLA she will be able to make an active contribution to the development of food law: ‘As EFLA president I share my views about laws and regulations with others from a legal and scientific point of view. To that end we maintain external contacts, for example with the European Commission. In addition it is EFLA’s duty to ensure a good exchange of knowledge among its members, among other things by organizing workshops and conferences, something to which I am fully committed.’

About Irene Verheijen

Irene Verheijen is specialized in administrative law and the regulated markets. She provides advice in the field of compliance with Dutch and European laws and regulations, with a focus on regulation in the food industry, the pharmacy industry, the gaming market and healthcare. Irene regularly litigates for or against authorities, in particular against regulators in regulated markets. She furthermore publishes both nationally and internationally, on subjects such as food law.

About EFLA

EFLA is an international non-profit making organisation that seeks to contribute to the development and harmonisation of food law, among other things by organising scientific conferences, worldwide congresses and workshops. Since it was founded in 1973 EFLA’s official seat has been in Brussels.

About Legaltree

Legaltree is a law firm with 30 lawyers, all of whom are also partners. Legaltree partners have at least 10 years’ experience and are specialists in their fields of law. Legaltree has offices in Leiden, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Arbitration specialist Wouter de Clerck joins Legaltree

As from 1 April 2020 Wouter de Clerck will join the dispute resolution practice of Legaltree as partner. Wouter was previously employed with DLA Piper and before that with Houthoff. He specialises in international arbitration and cross-border litigation. According to Wouter, Legaltree’s ‘partners only’ approach is the perfect match for the type of cases he handles.

‘Legaltree has a reputable and flourishing dispute resolution practice, which I will be happy to add my experience to’, says Wouter. ‘With three experienced arbitration partners we will be able to serve our clients even better in complex disputes’.

‘Arbitration cases are often complex and intensive’, explains Wouter, ‘with matters coming to a climax at the hearing. In my view this requires a highly specialised team of lawyers, each member of which should know and have command of the case in detail. Personal partner attention is in Legaltree’s DNA, which means that it represents a perfect match with my own practice. Together with partners Max van Leyenhorst and Sander Oorthuys I will be able to team up quickly and efficiently. In addition, Legaltree can count on excellent backup in terms of file management and legal research, to be used as the case requires. Clients will experience this as pleasant, economical and efficient.‘

About Wouter de Clerck

Wouter started his career as a lawyer with Houthoff in 2006, following which he joined the arbitration practice group of DLA Piper in 2012. In his largely international practice he has clients in the energy, technology and mining sector. He is regularly involved in high-profile cases. Recently he represented Gazprom in a dispute with Ukrainian state-energy company Naftogaz regarding recognition and enforcement in the Netherlands of a USD 3bn Swedish arbitral award. Wouter regularly writes on subjects of arbitration law and of private international law and has been a guest lecturer at Leiden University and at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In Chambers Europe 2020 Wouter is recommended as Up and Coming in the Dispute Resolution category. His clients say: ‘He is able to keep a complex matter running flawlessly and to relentlessly pursue the success of the case.‘ In Legal500 2019 Wouter is recommended for international arbitration.

About Legaltree’s arbitration practice

Legaltree assists its clients in international arbitration and related proceedings before the national courts. Legaltree partners have wide experience in both commercial arbitration and in public law and semi-public law arbitration, including arbitration on the basis of investment treaties. They also regularly act as arbitrators themselves. Legaltree works together with a network of international friend-firms, which network is based on personal quality and long-term working relationships.

Start trial MH17 case

On 9 March 2020 the trial of a number of suspects in the MH17 case will start. Our colleague Antoinette Collignon is among the members of the team of legal experts and will assist a number of surviving relatives. We wish all surviving relatives and all those who are in any other way involved in this case much strength in these difficult times, in the hope that truth will come out and justice will be done.

Legal Implications of Defective Hip Implants

Article PIV-bulletin, May 2012





Legaltree co-sponsors Lions Award, Rotterdam International Film Festival

On 30 January 2013, with the support of Legaltree, the Lions Award was presented at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam.

This year the award went to the Mexican feature “Penumbra” by Eduardo Villanueva, a highly promising and socially aware director. In winning this award, Villanueva has also received further encouragement to continue to develop as a film director. Legaltree would like to wish both him and his team continued success in the future.

Legaltree lawyer Antoinette Collignon receives International Award from AAJ

Thursday, August 1st, San Francisco: The American Association for Justice (AAJ) awarded Antoinette Collignon, partner of the Dutch law firm Legaltree, with the ‘International Trial Lawyer Leadership Award’ at the annual convention of the AAJ in San Franciso on July 22nd. Collignon has been awarded for her important contributions to personal injury law within Europe.

Says Mary Alice McLarty, president of the AAJ: ‘Collignon is an advocate for the cause of civil justice, both in her international practice and in her role as President of PEOPIL, the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers. She is an extraordinarily experienced and tenacious injury lawyer.’

Collignon is a partner of the Dutch law firm Legaltree. She specialises in cross-border personal injury cases and works closely together with other renowned international law firms in Europe and the USA. McLarty: ‘She was one of the people who inspired the foundation of the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers in 1996. Since 2009 she has become the first Dutch and first female president of this organisation. Collignon connects people, initiatives and knowledge. She is also a renowned speaker stating our case to international organizations and bar associations, across the world. The AAJ is proud to present her with our International Award.’

The International Trial Lawyer Leadership Award is given to a non US trial lawyer leader who has contributed significantly to the development of international relations and exchange of information among plaintiff lawyers.

About AAJ

As the world’s largest trial bar, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) promotes justice and fairness for injured persons, safeguards victims’ rights and strengthens the civil justice system since 1946. With members worldwide, AAJ provides lawyers with the information and professional assistance needed to serve clients successfully and protect the democratic values inherent in the civil justice system. More information at

About Peopil

The Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL) was founded to improve and promote judicial co-operation and mutual knowledge of legal and judicial systems of European jurisdictions in the field of personal injury law.
Currently the Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers has 550 members from 36 jurisdictions within Europe. More information at

Publication Legaltree in leading international copyright guide

The latest developments in the field of copyright law in the Netherlands have recently been described by Legaltree partners Marjolein Driessen and Olav Schmutzer in The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Copyright 2015.
Legal experts from 23 countries/jurisdictions were selected to contribute to this guide, published by Global Legal Group Ltd in London. On the basis of 31 questions – spread across seven themes – copyright is viewed from various legal systems.
Driessen and Schmutzer were approached for the Dutch contribution. You may view their English-language contribution here .

Legaltree and expertise

Being a modern law firm, our partners share relevant expertise proactively with the market. The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Copyright 2015 offers up-to-date and practical comparative legal copyright information on the basis of a Question & Answer format, thus enabling the reader to make a proper comparison between the various legal systems worldwide. If you wish to be kept informed of relevant legal knowledge in the field of intellectual property law, such as copyright law, please send an e-mail to or

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