Construction, Real Estate and Leasing

Our partners are experts in the fields of civil and public construction law, tenancy law and general real estate law, including purchase and sale transactions and real rights. We have gained this expertise in a range of (multidisciplinary) projects for all kinds of parties, such as listed and unlisted construction companies, public authorities such as municipal authorities and water boards, installers, advisers, architects, property developers, investors, housing associations, care institutions, institutional investors, vacant property managers, estate agents and associations of owners.

Civil construction law

Our partners have specialist knowledge of both civil and hydraulic engineering and of residential and non-residential construction under relevant general terms and conditions (UAV 2012, UAV-GC 2005, DNR 2011 and RAW and STABU.)

We can provide you with tailor-made advice on how to draft and negotiate a range of agreements (such as construction contracts, consultancy agreements, framework agreements, cooperation agreements and implementation agreements). We also have extensive experience of both traditional contracts based on the UAV 2012 and with complex, integrated (PPP) contracts (D&C, DB(F)M(O), turnkey) including on under the UAC-GC 2005.

Legaltree is not only an adviser. You may also instruct us for a wide range of construction disputes, such as delay losses, extensions of time limits, defects on completion, interpretation of specifications and contracts, premature termination of building contracts and maintenance defects. Our specialised lawyers have years of experience in litigating before the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry and the civil courts.

Public construction law

Often projects or disputes also have a public law aspect. At Legaltree you will find expertise in the fields of environmental law and general constitutional law and administrative law, including spatial planning, the environment, nature conservation and the translation of these matters into contracts with the public authorities. We are also familiar with aspects of spatial administrative law in a stricter sense: environmental permits, zoning plans and enforcement. 

Sustainable Energy & Environment
Competition & Tendering

Tenancy law

Legaltree knows all the ins and outs of tenancy law. Our partners have broad experience of dealing with questions on the termination of a lease, substitution, rent changes, renovation, derogation clauses, defects, nuisance and illegal subletting. From residential space and office space to retail space and unbuilt real estate. We also regularly litigate in tenancy law disputes.

Real estate law

Our partners may assist in proceedings concerning purchase and sale transactions, breach of contract, performance, hidden defects, contamination of the soil and otherwise, maintenance, etcetera. We give clear answers to questions relating to rights in rem and limited rights, including rights of way, rights of egress, overhang, ground leases, rights of superficies, apartment rights and positive and negative prescription.

Procurement law

We also assist our real estate clients with procurement law disputes.