Financing and Securities law

Legaltree is regularly involved in drafting, assessing and conducting negotiations about financing and security documentation. We have extensive experience in assessing questions in relation to finance and managing finance transactions. At Legaltree several partners are regularly involved in the structuring and financing of companies and providing advice to companies in financial difficulties (or their creditors).

Legaltree advises entrepreneurs, financial institutions and alternative providers of credit (such as governments, credit unions and fintech companies) on finance questions. Since we provide advice to both lenders and borrowers, we can provide a quick insight into the other party’s motives and the possibilities and impossibilities in the field of finance. We are closely involved in market developments and proactively identify market trends and new opportunities in the market.

Legaltree has specific experience in the following sectors:

  • project finance (energy projects, infrastructure)
  • takeover finance
  • corporate restructuring
  • real estate finance
  • ship finance
  • sustainable energy (geothermal energy, district heating systems, biomass, wind energy)
  • socially responsible finance
  • alternative finance (including fintech, crowdfunding, credit unions, financing by governmental bodies)
  • syndicated finance and financing through ‘club deals’
  • real estate finance
  • financing questions in the retail sector
  • cross-border finance

Legaltree has broad experience in the following types of financing documentation:

  • contracts of suretyship
  • deeds of pledge and deeds of mortgage
  • collective and mutual security arrangements
  • keep well statements, capital maintenance commitments
  • 2:403 statements
  • asset based finance / factoring
  • financing by shareholders / joint ventures
  • employee participations (including phantom share schemes)
  • standard documentation and general conditions used by Dutch banks
  • standard documentation based on Loan Market Association (LMA) models
  • hedging documentation (both bilateral as well as based on ISDA standard documentation)