Sustainable Energy and Environment

Are you involved in the funding of a sustainable energy project and do you require specialist advice? Or are you in the process of developing a sustainable project and are you looking for an expert to guide you through a mass of rules and risks? With more than 20 years’ experience our practice group is thoroughly familiar with all the – often complex and international – aspects of sustainable projects, energy-related and otherwise. With our expertise and extensive network of sustainability experts we get to grips with your issues quickly and, where necessary, across multiple disciplines.

Our practice group has provided assistance in a large number of sustainable projects in different sectors, including:

  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy (both onshore and ‘near shore’)
  • Geothermal energy (heat from geothermal energy)
  • Storage of energy
  • Biomass (such as manure fermentation, other forms of biogas production, energy generation)
  • Heat grids
  • Making operational processes more sustainable (such as transport, haulage, hotels)

Our clients

We provide our services to initiators of sustainable energy projects, investors in these projects and the parties that finance them. In addition to the traditional financers (banks) we work for regional development companies, investment funds, ‘junior’ financers and public benefit organisations.

The way we work

Our partners work in a permanent team which will carry out an integrated assessment of your case: from permits and subsidies to project agreements and financing and security documentation. Our clients regard working together with this relatively small, but highly experienced team as efficient and personal, for at Legaltree you will always be in direct touch with the partners to whom your case has been entrusted and who are familiar with all its aspects. We will not be sending you any unnecessary standard lists and lengthy draft memorandums. We will discuss with you what is relevant to your case only, whenever possible by telephone.

Our partners specialized in Sustainable Energy and Environment