Corporate Governance

Corporate governance refers to the good governance of an undertaking. Every company must have a properly organized corporate governance regime, particularly at a time when it is under severe scrutiny. For example, it must be crystal clear how the relations between the management board, the supervisory board and the general meeting are regulated under the control structure, as must be the way in which account is rendered by these corporate bodies. How is this achieved? Our legal experts know the ins and outs of corporate governance and will be able to advise you on a wide range of corporate governance matters, rules and best practices, thus ensuring that the corporate governance regime of your undertaking is transparent and properly regulated.

Views regarding good and bad governance are changing continuously. Corporate governance not only concerns managing directors, supervisory directors and shareholders, but also employees and creditors. Social interests increasingly play a part in governance issues. For example, are large companies under a duty of accountability towards society? These are frequently-debated issues. Our specialists closely follow all trends and practices in the field of corporate governance and regularly publish on these matters.

  • Takeover disputes and protection measures
  • Shareholder activism and requests for items to be included on the agenda
  • Board structures and compositions
  • Managing directors’ and supervisory directors’ rights, duties and liabilities
  • Unitary board (one-tier board)
  • Supervisory board committees, such as audit committees, remuneration committees, selection and appointment committees and their composition
  • Issues of authority regarding the board’s policy and strategy
  • Assessing and drafting regulations of the management board and the supervisory board and its committees
  • Conflicting interests
  • Transactions with connected parties
  • Remunerations of managing directors and supervisory directors

Legaltree’s corporate governance team not only advises national and international listed companies, supervisory boards and antitakeover foundations, but also non-listed and family-owned businesses, not-for-profit organisations and regulators. These too may be faced with governance issues.

You will always be in direct contact with one of our experienced partners, who, if necessary, will set up a multi-disciplinary team for your benefit, to further a smooth and efficient procedure. Our practical experience, together with the fact that we closely monitor all relevant developments, enables us to know how your interests are best served. That is why Legaltree is the partner you are looking for.