Contract law

Legaltree provides advice and assistance to companies in the performance of their core business: entering into and completing transactions with their customers and suppliers. The most common agreements entered into by an entrepreneur are the purchase / sale agreement and the contract for the supply of services (contract for services). Other agreements frequently entered into are distribution agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements and cooperation agreements. At Legaltree our partners have the specialist knowledge required for drafting these and other contracts, conducting negotiations about them, assessing them and, if necessary, enforcing their performance.

Legaltree also has the expertise to deal with the internal affairs of a company. Legaltree regularly provides assistance in mergers and takeovers and advises shareholders and directors in restructuring operations, liability matters and corporate governance issues.

We offer practical advice, based on sound legal knowledge and experience. Where necessary we make use of the expertise available in related practice groups at our office, such as our employment law, competition law and dispute resolution lawyers.

At Legaltree the partners are themselves entrepreneurs. They understand that legal issues take the focus away from business practice. Where possible we seek to achieve an amicable solution, but we will not hesitate to proceed to litigation as soon as such is required or expedient.