Liability, Damages & Insurance law

Legaltree is very familiar with liability and insurance law matters and is specialised in dealing with complex claims for damages, concerning both bodily injury and trading loss cases. We work mainly for business parties such as, amongst others, insurers, businesses, hospitals and government agencies. Our expertise is far-reaching, also in the literal sense: we regularly deal with cross-border cases and are often requested to issue expertise reports for proceedings abroad.

Courtesy of our experience, gained in the legal profession and in the judiciary, we are competent to assess your case on its merits and to expertly guide you to finding a solution for a dispute. We do this by means of mutual consultation, mediation or conducting legal proceedings. We can also provide you with a binding advice or a second opinion.


  • International liability matters
  • Road traffic liability
  • Contractual liability
  • (Medical) professional liability
  • Employers liability
  • Government authorities’ liability
  • Supervisory bodies and board members liability


  • (Cross-border) personal injury and death claims
  • Trading loss
  • Right to recourse
  • Mass claims


  • Policy terms and conditions
  • Disability insurances
  • Insurance fraud