Mergers & Acquisitions

You wish to acquire a company. Or you wish to sell your own business. Even apart from all the emotional aspects, that is not routine work. Mergers and acquisitions require thorough preparation and perfect implementation. At Legaltree we have separate specialists in house to keep an acquisition or sale of an enterprise on the right track. Not only nationally but also internationally.

For years, Legaltree has been a reliable advisor in various types of transactions, ranging from shares transactions, assets deals, joint-venturestoprivate equitytransactions. We act not only for buyers and sellers, but also for manager(s) in management-buy-out-transactions. We are renowned for our no-nonsenseapproach, focused on an optimum result for all parties involved. We do this for a diverse circle of clients: diverse large and medium-sized enterprises and Netherlands private equityparties. With this, we bring the necessary expertise, experience and insight to the (negotiating) table.

We counsel you as from the initial bid right through to the signing of the final purchase agreement. After signing of the purchase agreement, you can count on our after-care and assistance with any post-closingactions. We advise you in the drafting of and the negotiating of various agreements, such as a confidentiality agreement, shareholders agreement and, of course, the purchase agreement.

Our specialists can also conduct a full (vendor)legal due diligenceinvestigation for the entire range of legal areas. The result: a concrete and to-the-point advice and recommendations for the further negotiations and/or transaction documentation. The due diligenceinvestigation is also in the hands of the parties; a guarantee for a thorough investigation.