Legaltree lawyer Antoinette Collignon receives International Award from AAJ


24 January, 2019

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Thursday, August 1st, San Francisco: The American Association for Justice (AAJ) awarded Antoinette Collignon, partner of the Dutch law firm Legaltree, with the ‘International Trial Lawyer Leadership Award’ at the annual convention of the AAJ in San Franciso on July 22nd. Collignon has been awarded for her important contributions to personal injury law within Europe.

Says Mary Alice McLarty, president of the AAJ: ‘Collignon is an advocate for the cause of civil justice, both in her international practice and in her role as President of PEOPIL, the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers. She is an extraordinarily experienced and tenacious injury lawyer.’

Collignon is a partner of the Dutch law firm Legaltree. She specialises in cross-border personal injury cases and works closely together with other renowned international law firms in Europe and the USA. McLarty: ‘She was one of the people who inspired the foundation of the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers in 1996. Since 2009 she has become the first Dutch and first female president of this organisation. Collignon connects people, initiatives and knowledge. She is also a renowned speaker stating our case to international organizations and bar associations, across the world. The AAJ is proud to present her with our International Award.’

The International Trial Lawyer Leadership Award is given to a non US trial lawyer leader who has contributed significantly to the development of international relations and exchange of information among plaintiff lawyers.

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