Antoinette Collignon


Antoinette Collignon is a specialist in (cross-border) liability and bodily injury cases, product liability, employer liability and international private law.


Antoinette advises insurers, international loss adjustment agencies, and businesses as well as victims. In international cases, she works closely with law firms of good repute in Europe and the United States. She was one of the founders of the Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers European Association (PEOPIL) founded in 1997, of which she became the first Dutch member and also the first female president from 2009 up to September 2013.

Antoinette is a regular speaker at congresses and seminars. She is affiliated as lecturer, amongst others, at the SDU and Kerckebosch. She also regularly publishes articles on her specialty. Together with Tamara Novakovski and Carolien van Weering, she makes up the liability law practice of Legaltree.

Work experience

After graduating, Antoinette joined the law firm, Kienhuis Hoving, at Enschede. She then moved first to Marree & Dijxhoorn then to Beer Advocaten. She has been a partner at Legaltree since October 2010. Hierna werkte zij bij Marree & Dijxhoorn en bij Beer Advocaten. Sinds oktober 2010 is zij partner bij Legaltree.

Memberships & ancillary positions
  • PEOPIL (Pan European Organisation for Personal Injury Lawyers), co-founder, 1997
  • LSA (Association for Personal Injury Lawyers)
  • VASR (Association for liability and damages law)
  • IETL (Institute for European Traffic Law)
  • Lecturer Kerckebosch, course on European law and traffic accidents since 2014
  • Part time lecturer on International Dispute Resolution Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, law of civil procedure division, 2014-2017, 2021
  • Member of IATL (International Academy of Trial Lawyers) 2017
  • Chairwoman of Stichting Essure Claims
  • Chairwoman complaints committee Pantar
  • Chairwoman Stichting Environmental Claims
  • Grotius academie Nijmegen, 1994 (Post graduate course on Personal Injury)
  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG), 1990 (private law and criminal law with distinction legal profession)
Prizes and awards
  • International trial lawyer leadership award, July 2013
  • Honorary membership of PEOPIL, september 2013