Liability, Damages and Insurance law

At Legaltree we have a deep understanding of liability and insurance law and we specialise in handling complex claims for damages, concerning both bodily injury and trading loss cases. We work mainly for business parties such as insurers, companies, hospitals, and government agencies. Our expertise extends to cross-border cases, which we handle regularly. We are also instructed to issue expert opinions for foreign proceedings.

Based on experience gained at the bar and in the judiciary, we may assist you in finding a solution for your dispute.

Our expertise


  • International liability matters
  • Road traffic liability
  • Contractual liability
  • (Medical) professional liability
  • Employers liability
  • Government authorities’ liability
  • Supervisory bodies and board members liability


  • (Cross-border) personal injury and death claims
  • Trading loss
  • Right to recourse
  • Mass claims


  • Policy terms and conditions
  • Disability insurances
  • Insurance fraud