Joyce Snijder


Joyce specializes in employment law and is an expert in the field of flexible employment. Her practice includes advising on the employment of flexible workers and freelancers, terms of employment, laws governing dismissal, insourcing and outsourcing, privacy within the employment, employee participation (Works Councils Act) and collective bargaining agreements. If necessary, Joyce also negotiates and litigates on behalf of her clients.

Joyce represents a broad range of companies and non-profit organizations, including leading temporary employment agencies, health care institutions and construction companies. She is preferably engaged at an early stage, so she can act as a trusted advisor and work together with the client to define a vision and strategy. Always mindful of stakeholders’ interests. Joyce makes every possible effort to achieve the result desired by the client.


As an expert in the field of employment law, Joyce focuses on complex employment law issues and the employment of flexible workers and freelancers.

CASES: A selection from Joyce’s practice

  • Joyce advised in several acquisitions on the applicable collective bargaining agreement and the consequences thereof regarding a takeover.
  • Joyce gave a leading Dutch company advice on cross-border borrowing of workers and drew up the temporary employment agreement.
  • Joyce advised a key player in the field of flexible work on various complex employment and pension law issues regarding their permanent staff and borrowed temporary employees.
  • Joyce drafted agreements for hiring and providing temporary agency workers, payroll workers and freelancers, paying attention to possible chain liability for payroll taxes.
  • Joyce advised several clients regarding the applicability of the ABU/NBBU collective bargaining agreement. She also drew up temporary employment contracts and general terms and conditions for a temporary employment agency.
  • Joyce assisted clients who were held liable by the collective pension fund in the temporary employment industry for remittance of pension contributions to StiPP (the pension fund for temporary workers). She also advised them on the possibility of requesting exemption.
  • In addition, Joyce advised several clients on the applicability of the Dutch Placement of Personnel by Intermediaries Act (Waadi) and the prohibitions and obligations resulting from this Act. This includes the so-called restriction ban and an obligation to pay a user company remuneration (equal to permanent staff).
Work experience

Joyce was an attorney at Wijn & Stael advocaten from 2008 until 2022. She has joined Legaltree as a partner on January 1, 2023.

Memberships & ancillary positions
  • Member legislative committee employment law Dutch Bar Association (2019-2022)

Joyce can also be engaged as:

  • An interim in-house professional: for temporary support, for example during a reorganization, merger or acquisition, or in the absence of a legal counsel.
  • A trainer: for customized corporate training courses.
  • Training course intervision leader (2021-2022)
  • Postgraduate course employment law (2015)
  • Dutch Law, University of Groningen (2007)


“Joyce Snijder stands out as the person to go for everything about contingent workforce, diversity and inclusion and negotiating with both suppliers and clients”.

Legal500 2022 Employment ‘Risingstar’

“Joyce Snijder’s extensive knowledge, together with her ease of doing business and fine communication skills, make her indispensable for our business”.

“Joyce Snijder really stands out on her knowledge on Labour law in the flex-market (contingent workforce)”.

Legal500 2020 Employment ‘Risingstar’