Simona Tiems


Simona Tiems has been a specialist in health law for over 20 years. She advises healthcare providers in matters such as compliance with present and future legislation, medical disciplinary law, cooperation agreements, disputes regarding cooperation and (inadequate) performance issues of medical professionals, patients’ rights, issues relating to healthcare sector governance and privacy issues.

Simona is furthermore regularly asked by clients and colleagues to assist in mergers and takeovers, due to her specific expertise in health law.


Simona provides her services to large and small healthcare providers in all sectors, ranging from medical teaching hospitals to primary care practices and from care homes for the elderly to youth care (social domain). She advises her clients at strategic level, but also assist them in dealing with legal issues that may arise on the shop floor, her aim always being to solve any problems that affect the quality of healthcare.

Clients appreciate Simona’s involvement, her accurate and expert handling of a case, her sense of relations and the ease with which she may be reached, including in cases where a client simply feels the need to talk to her. Simona has a keen eye for all interests that are at stake. The skills she acquired as a former mediator enable her to resolve any disputes, where possible by mutual consultations, which will not stop her from taking a matter to court, however, when she feels it is necessary to do so.

Work experience

Simona has been active as a lawyer since 1997 and has from the very start of her career focused on healthcare law and corporate law. In July 2012 Simona became a partner with Legaltree. 

Memberships & ancillary positions

  • Member of the Supervisory Board at ’s Heerenloo Zorggroep
  • Teacher in Healthcare Law with Medilex
  • Teacher in Healthcare Law with Studiecentrum voor Bedrijf en Overheid
  • Arbitrator with the Healthcare Tribunal, Association for Health Law (in Dutch: Vereniging voor Gezondheidsrecht)
  • Association of Privacy Law
  • European Association of Health Law
  • Arbiter bij het Scheidsgerecht Gezondheidszorg (2018-2022)
  • Deputy member with the Medical Research Ethics Commission (in Dutch: Medisch Ethische Toetsingscommissie (METC)), UMC Utrecht (2009-2016)
  • Lecturer in Healthcare law, Julius Centrum UMC Utrecht (2013-2014)
  • Lecturer in medical disciplinary law, specialist course in surgery, Association of Surgeons of the Netherlands (in Dutch: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Heelkunde) (2006-2012)
  • Member of the Supervisory Board at Integraal Kankercentrum Midden Nederland (nowadays called Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland) (2002-2010)


  • Centre for Conflict Handling (in Dutch: Centrum voor Conflicthantering) – Mediator training (2008)
  • Université de Montpellier, France – European Legal Studies (1994-1995)
  • Maastricht University – Dutch Law (1996), thesis: Patiëntenrechten in Europees perspectief (Patients’ Rights in a European Perspective)

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