Healthcare law

Healthcare law is changing constantly. We are keeping a close eye on  developments, as a result of which we can adequately advise you and litigate on your behalf on various aspects of healthcare law. We have a large network at our disposal, which enables us, if the case so requires, to consult with external experts, such as tax experts and medical advisers. When necessary, we consult with colleagues who are specialised in related areas of law, such as employment law, corporate law, tenancy law, criminal law and competition law. Our clients appreciate dealing with a single law firm in a matter that covers various areas of law.

Our healthcare law practice assists large and small healthcare providers in all sectors, ranging from medical teaching hospitals to primary care practices and from care homes for the elderly to youth care (social domain) and their professional liability insurers. We advise our clients at strategic level, but also assist them in dealing with legal issues that may arise on the shop floor. We regularly conduct legal proceedings before various judicial bodies and arbitral tribunals.

Our expertise:

  • Medical complaints procedures and disciplinary law cases
  • Medical liability
  • Liability of the healthcare institution in its capacity as an employer
  • Drafting cooperation agreements
  • Resolving cooperation disputes
  • (Inadequate) performance issues
  • Serious incident investigations
  • Doctor-patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Patients’ rights
  • Governance in healthcare
  • Compliance with or disputes concerning existing and future healthcare legislation, such as:
    • the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (Wgbo)
    • the Individual Healthcare Professions Act (Wet Big)
    • the Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz)
    • the Care and Coercion Act (Wzd)
    • the Mandatory Mental Healthcare Act (Wvggz)
    • the Healthcare and Care Providers (Accreditation) Act (Wtza) and the Act amending the Healthcare and Care Providers (Accreditation) Act (AWtza)
    • the Management and Supervision of Legal Entities Act (Wbtr)
    • the Participation (Clients of Care Institutions) Act 2018 (Wmcz2018)
    • the Youth Act (Jw) etc.