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Growing paper – Bee and butterfly mix

Help the bees and butterflies a little with these wild flowers. It is a mix of Antirrhinum, Godetia, Gypsophyla, Dorotheanthus, Virginian stocks, Poppys, Alyssum and Dianthus baby doll. The best time to sow in the garden is between March and May. Sow indoors from April, after which they have to go outside in mid-May. The bees and butterflies are having a hard time all around the world due to biodiverity loss. More and more wild flowers are disappearing while bees are extremely important for pollinating and fertilizing flowers and plants

Step-by-step plan

Step 1. Moisten the growing paper
First, thoroughly wet the growing paper. Only then will the paper dissolve properly whichs allows the seeds te germinate.

Step 2. Place the growing paper on the soil
Place the growing paper inside in a pot or outside on a balcony or in the garden on the earth. Preferably use sowing soil or potting soil for the vegetable garden.

Step 3. Cover the growing paper with a thin layer of soil
Cover the growing paper with about 1 to max 1.5 cm of soil. This way the seeds get enough nutrients, protection and sun light to germinate.

Step 4. Water, water and water
Certainly in the beginning we advice to give some water every day, so that the paper remains moist. It is best to use a sprayer with a soft head so that the paper gets the same amount of water everywhere. A watering can or a cup without a nozzle can prevent the paper from getting evenly wet and the seeds from sprouting equally.

Step 5. Sun, warmth and lots of love
In addition, provide a light and warm place. Be careful with a spot in full sun, especially in summer. Then your paper can dry out and the seeds will not germinate. Now you have to be patient! The first plants germinate within a week. Continue to give your plants a lot of love and attention even after germination. You can now give a little less water than in the first week.

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